Our strength lies in our terroir, our climate. Respecting the soils and the vines in order to produce fine quality grapes is core to everything we do. High quality grapes produce high quality champagne!

Each plot is taken care of differently, depending on the type of soil and grape varietal.

We are fully committed to respecting the environment, reducing the use of chemical products and striving towards sustainable viticulture.

The soil is ploughed and grass is grown in between the vines to avoid the use of weed-killers, resulting in a more balanced biodiversity, where flowers and insects can live side by side….

The winery and terroir Champagne

This is Philippe’s special domain.

To begin with, the pressing process which respects the quality of the grapes, with the separation of the three different qualities of juice corresponding to the three steps of extraction: first, second and final.

A first clarification: the settling of the juice takes place 12 hours after the grape pressing.

Next, is the first alcoholic fermentation, which is temperature-regulated at 18°C and then racking after three weeks.

Malolactic fermentation is subsequently carried out with a twofold purpose: firstly, to reduce the degree of acidity in the wine and secondly, to enhance the aromatic flavours in the wine, which is very much sought after in our champagnes.

After the tasting from the different barrels and vats, the wines are selected to be blended in a test tube for the pre-blending stage which, once approved and refined, will give birth to the final blends for our champagne range.

Our wines are crafted in the most natural way, with a light filtration, and no fining.

Our priority and our pride is to fully respect the wine.