The origins of Paques Champagne

The history of PAQUES CHAMPAGNE began in 1905 with Achille PAQUES who was born in the champagne area, although not from a winegrowing family. However, by marrying Aurore PREVOST who was from a long lineage of winegrowers in Chigny-les-Roses, he then married into the profession.
Achille was one of the first in the village to acquire his own press, and consequently, he carried out much of the grape-pressing for the others in the village.

After WWI, back from the Verdun battlefields, Achille had three sons. One of them, Georges, took over the family business and following his marriage, he set up in the neighbouring village of Rilly la Montagne where he built a winery and new cellars.

In 1959, Gérard and Nicole PAQUES continued the development of the House by acquiring several vineyards. Through their hard work, the sales of PAQUES & SON CHAMPAGNE began to take off.
Philippe and Lam PAQUES have been managing the family business since 1996. The estate has grown from 8 to 12.5 hectares, leading to a development in sales.

Philippe has always had a special thought for his ancestors and their hard work, and he, in turn, is preparing the future so that this fine, family history continues for years to come.

The estate and the vineyards

Our House is located in Rilly la Montagne, a Premier Cru village situated in the Grande Montagne de Reims.

PAQUES & SON vineyards, with all their plots classified as Premier Cru, are spread over 12.5 hectares in the five neighbouring villages.

Our vineyards are divided into numerous parcels of land which bring out the intricate personality of our wines, each one expressed differently depending on the variety and character of the soils, and the varying degrees of exposure to the sun.

We grow the three grape varieties: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay.

All the processes are carried out in our House: the pressing of the grapes, the wine-making, the bottling, the long ageing of the wine in our cellars as well as the reception of our clients and the sale of our wines.